Ahhhh, roses. Not only are they wonderful to smell, to see, and to save (see our article on how to repurpose a wilted bouquet), but they have powerful properties as well. Read on to find a list of impactful, (and unknown!) benefits to incorporating roses into your self care routine. Use whatever floats your boat (or rather, whatever grows your rose!).

1. Anti-bacterial

Ever wonder why rose essence is present in so many face washes?

2. Moisturizing

Roses contain natural oils, which help keep the skin feeling extra smooth. Toss a few rose petals into your bathwater and feel the benefits. Or try one our our DIY rose recipes.

3. Toning

Exactly what rose water is for! Ever wonder why your grandma swears rose water is what keeps her fine lines from looking like crumpled paper and more like the ocean’s ripples? Not only is rose water moisturizing, but it has a toning effect on the skin as well. Craft a rose water potion yourself (click here to find out how), save the concoction in a spritzer bottle, and spray onto your face after washing and before moisturizing.

4. Anti-anxiety

Rose fragrance has natural relaxing properties, similar to lavender. Breathe it in and let it’s scent work its way into massaging your mind.

The scent of roses is also known for having anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects. So if stress has seeped its way into your life, buying a bouquet or having a rose essential roller on hand can help more with just aesthetics.