Submitted poem by Daliah Angelique

i leave my body

a salt lick, saline drip

for the girls who drag

dead deer uphill

the girls born fluent

in necromance and litany,

motherless daughters

who breathe apologies

forwards and backwards

cradling their own hurt,

nursing their own decay

when i scrape one knee

i scrape the other

i rinse my wounds,

with rose water,

my wishbone, my pink slit

a glistening swarm of locusts,

a mouthful of pomegranate seeds

we kiss with

eyes closed, lips stained

our fingers intertwined

as our pain seeps

through the soil

and we ask

eyes closed, lips stained

Holy Virgin of virgins,

pray for us

Mother undefiled,

pray for us


Daliah Angelique is a lesbian Syracuse native studying in San Diego, America’s Largest Sublime Fan Club. Her first feature length poetry collection, A Dollhouse Built On Brimstone, was published by the Black Napkin Press in 2017. Angelique is a Pisces moon passionate about the concept of all women screaming simultaneously across the world, and in the meantime, sharing their truths in broad daylight without shame. Find her at @hautedogwater on Instagram for visual art and poetry updates.