Art by Anne Lochridge / Words by Victoria Derr

by Anne Lochridge.

“Women are seen and used as a two-sided, flat character that is on the one hand, strong and powerful, and on the other hand, weak and victimized.”

Anne does art.

From paintings to photographs, egg painting to latte art (all artists should have a barista job at some point, right?), Anne does art. This painting, Melt, was a part of a collection of paintings exploring the use of the female figure in the Bible. We’re all familiar with the classic portrayals of women – weak and oppressed, but sexualized and nurturing. Powerful mothers when properly pregnant, but outcasted harlots when with child without husband. Despite the slow upwards climb women have been embarking on throughout the years, these crystallized tropes still cloud the collective conscious (or unconscious).

NTCH showcases Anne’s piece with pride (and with pink). A faceless form, a melting mind, a receiving hand, a turned head. Brushstrokes and running paint. Anne’s painting speaks powerfully to a melting representation of women throughout history.

“This contradictory view of women is what sparks my interest and drives my work. Through portraits and representations of the female form, I intend to explore the views and opinions that have been constructed by culture.”

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