You buy a t-shirt.

You use it endlessly and creatively.

One day, your white tee pairs well with your blazer, at night it’s part of your pajama set and the next day you take it running. Your favorite essential soon gets too ratty and after months (in my case) or years, it’s officially time to label it as lounge-wear, a.k.a… “I can’t be seen out of the house with it”. Sure that old t-shirt looks great with my old Adidas pants too, but what happens after its life-cycle?

With so many t-shirts available, it’s easy to discard and replace quickly- they’re affordable and sold everywhere.

For Days saw the problem in this: too much waste and too much mass production. With conscious consumption in mind, For Days created a closed-loop system in which the same organic cotton is being recycled or refreshed – so it never has to hit a landfill. They even take non-For Days shirts…taking care of the problem beyond their OWN products.

NTCH had the opportunity to ask a few more questions and let’s just say, our t-shirts are now looking great.

To start simply, why t-shirts?

We started with t-shirts because not only are they one of the most universal products (everyone wears one), they’re also some of the most frequently discarded. That being said, we soon plan on expanding product categories beyond the t-shirt into other items with wide-spread use and frequent disposal, so stay tuned! 

Tell us about the inspiration behind making these tees and the idea for a closed loop system (both the product and the practice).

Our co-founder and CEO, Kristy Caylor, says it best: “I deeply questioned why I owned these items and if there was a better way. I put my passion for closed loop systems and great clothing to work and set out to create a new model.”For Days was born to provide constant access to fresh, organic, insanely great basics like tees, tanks and sweatshirts, while empowering members to eliminate excess junk and to help solve our clothing waste issue. Wear your tees, wear them out, and refresh them anytime (different colors, shapes, sizes). Send us your old funky tees back and we upcycle all the materials. Zero waste. You’ve closed the loop and you look great. Bonuses all around.

Through the take-back and recycling process, how does For Days provide a long-term, sustainable solution to the fashion industry’s harmful effects?

We are approaching this issue from a few different sides. We recognize that people are going to have more in their closets besides 100% organic cotton (which is the only thing we put into our t-shirts). So we have a program that allows us to take back anything and everything our members send us. Through working with recycling partners, we’re able to put all products, regardless of fabric composition, to good use by turning them into things like building materials. 

For the peeps who are just finding out about For Days, do you have an essential piece for the first-time consumer?

That would be like choosing your favorite child! So much effort was put into the fit and design of every style. Our Heritage 70’s styles are fantastic – the details are so considered. The neckline was modeled after a vintage boys tee, and has really great trim detailing. The fabric is a supersoft mid-weights cotton, which holds its shape and feels super great on. I will say that personally, I think our mock-neck styles are amazing (they have both long and short sleeves). The women’s style hits at just the right length – slightly cropped and universally flattering. I’ve never met a single person it doesn’t look amazing on.