Curated playlist by Alexa Banchetti

La couleur la plus puissante sur notre planète Terre est la couleur verte.

The most powerful color on planet Earth’s surface: the color green. Spotted on the leaves of trees, seen on what seem to  be never-ending hills, and the most magical almost unbelievable forestry. Covered in multiple shades of green, Earth’s nature not only serves us with beautiful gazing opportunities, it purifies our exhales into new and clean air for us to once more breath in, and breathe out.

Green and it’s highly sought-after vitality, I have associated green with what, for some of us, keeps us going: music. We utilize music as a form of supplement for life, because without it how would moments sound? We play sounds that bring back memories and can seemingly transport us back to the same emotions. We listen to how we are feeling and associate it with sounds of choice, creating the perfect inner-state for us.

From the green of the first leaf sprouting from a planted seed, the green on the olives after being watered out, your green gummed eyes, the freshly fallen green lemons on the floor, the American green dollar, the green of the grapevines, up to the green on military camouflage. All these varieties and shades of green are what moments these sounds can mimic.

It begins with life forming, the coming of age and discovering who you are. Moving into growing pains and being angered at decisions made to enjoying the ride and humoring ourselves. Ending with accepting what life has offered and learning to be in peace with the present moment.

This playlist was created with the idea in mind of liveliness that surrounds us every day, the idea of energizing, breathing in the sights of trees and taking in the sounds of vitality to feel embodied energy. Please enjoy these green sweets.

“Music Saved My Life” 2018

Je vous remercie pour votre attention.

Gracias por su atención.

Thank you for your attention.

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