by Victoria Derr Valencia

Our bodies cannot live without light. 

Color is a visible expression of light in varying wavelengths. Each color has its own wavelength, energy, and visual expression as it bends and refracts through molecules and particles. Absorbed by the eyes, color makes it’s impressions on our brains; absorbed by the skin, color makes it’s impression onto our auric energetic field. Color is an experience: how do you hold color? Taste it? Can you smell a color? How does color weave its way through your daily life, painting the visuals your eyeballs absorb. If color is light expressed in varying wavelengths, are we not energetically affected by the wavelength we surround ourselves in? The colors we wear on our clothes, the colors we use to write with, the color of our phone background we so often glance at.

If the sun can be absorbed through our skin and make a physical transformation of our skin cells, could color not be equally as transformational?

Color therapy seems to think so.

Through the physical perception of light, colors can connect to the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life. The feeling of peace that spending time by the blue ocean brings. Fast food restaurants and the prevalence of red logos, as red is known to inspire hunger and impulse. The discomfort some people find in the loudness of yellow, the jarringness of orange. Green means go; green means spring.

What about pink?

Pink is Divine Love, caring in the little things because they symbolize the big things. Loving from above, from a place of compassion. Pink is femininity; pink is masculinity. Pink is softness and surrender; pink is courage and passion.

Ruled by the planet Venus, the heart center symbolizes the acceptance of self, and the practice of deep peace. The heart, at the center of our non-physical beings, is the uniting of polarities: masculine & feminine, ego & spirit, body & mind, light & shadow.

A balanced heart center trusts in others. Takes risks of faith. Accepts others for who they are. Radically accepts the self. Gives and receives love openly.

How to work with pink:

  • Notice: how many pink objects can you see throughout the day? Make a conscious decision to simply notice the color during your day.

  • Draw with pink colored pencils, paint with pink watercolors, write love letters to your friends with pink gel pens. Embroider in pink. Smash your finger into a strawberry and smear the fruit juice on a napkin.

  • Drop a red sock in a white washer load. Proudly Wear your stained whites. Let pink affect the way you courageously & compassionately move through your day.

  • Pick up a rose quartz, or ask your crystal aficionado friend to borrow hers. Put the rose quartz in your newly pink pocket. Rub it between your palms, notice the difference in color your skin takes on when rubbing a rough object. Appreciate the contrast: softness in skin, hardness of rock.