Who doesn’t love a good coffee shop? And who, in particular, really loves a good coffee shop? Freelancers, and start-up-ers. Because of our startup status, our office space changes almost every day. Get yourself a latte (or banana bread cold-brew), find a seat near an outlet, and keep reading to find out about our favorite coffee offices around San Diego. 

Genteel Coffee Co.


Rolando Hills

Plants, crystals, ample parking. And an activated charcoal bowl. 

Genteel Coffee Co.

East Village

Wide open spaces with a private vibe – search no further. Safety, peace, greenery, and good coffee. Try the Foxtrot, a blend of cinnamon, cardamom, & citrus. All your favorite C’s – including coffee, of course. 

Hawthorn Coffee.

Hawthorn Coffee

Normal Heights

Tiny but mighty… outlets everywhere! Friendliest coffee shop staff & grooviest playlist in San Diego. Sidenote, take a buddy and try their toasts! Pro tip: get 1 savory, 1 sweet.

Coffee & Tea Collective

North Park

ART. On the walls. All caps because this is how we’ve found some of our featured artists. A creative environment is key.

C&T Collective.

James Coffee Co.

Little Italy

Nestled in the back of a warehouse called the “Space,” James Coffee Co. is one among many of the attractions underneath the high-beamed ceiling. Order a Mexican Mocha and cruise around the other shops in the building – a specialty specs store, a greeting card shop, an apothecary, and more. 

The Westbean Coffee Roasters

Bankers Hill

An air-conditioned, cold brew paradise. Bonus: their Bankers Hill location is only two blocks away from the west edge of Balboa Park. A perfect opportunity to ground into nature after caffeinated-ly zoning into your laptop. 



Liberty Station

⅓ coffee shop, ⅓ fashion & lifestyle shop, ⅓ patio space.