Submitted photos by Ana Jimenez Martinez

“In light with the theme, I wanted to create a sense of exhausted or tired beauty. Modeling are me and my friend Juliet. Thus the title is “Juliet Perishes: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow.‘”

– Ana Jimenez Martinez

On the outside, a scholar in Scotland. On the inside, a romantic in  exploration of herself, her body, her spirituality, her family ties, her roots. Ana Isabel Martinez dips in photography and written work to better explore concepts, disassociate from old ones and bring new light to the tired and taboo.

In her series “Juliet Perishes” the artist highlights faded beauty, in line with out faded rose issue… the ugly and the pretty, the delicate and rough.

In observing her pictures we can’t help but think of another Juliet, one that was poisoned by the idea of passionate love and that a boy gave her life value. Juliet, in her beauty and youth perished under the lie that her happiness perished along with her lover.

This series’ Juliet is the actual name of the model, but we can’t help but reminisce of faded beauties past.

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