The leaves are changing, gloomy morning are back, and allergies are upon us… autumn is here and so are the fall fashion style reports. With so many influencers and brands saturating our Instagram feeds, we can go crazy pinning, saving, and archiving our favorite looks, aka the “must haves of the season.”

Here at NTCH, we are big fans of re-using statement pieces and updating them as the Fashion Weeks come and go. So, in the spirit of conscious consumerism – here are five big fall 2018 trends that you already have in your closet.

The Leather Mini Skirt.

A staple piece in every autumn outfit. Basically, it’s replacing leather pants.

Colorful Plaids.

Over-sized and colorful – plaid is here to replace stripes. Plaid in your cords, in your blazers, and skirts! The bolder the pattern, the better!

Statement Coats.

For this fall season, make sure to pull out your statement coats. Nothing pulls together a minimalist outfit quite like this.

Animal Print.

…but what we really mean is leopard and snake skin.

80s Nostalgia.

The good thing about this trend is that even without anything catalogued within this decade, there’s most likely a family member who has rocked it before. Think big shoulders, slouchy selves, bold color and prints. Oh, that 80s nostalgia… extra points for neon.