Submitted photos by Hanna Tannenbaum


“I am constantly inspired by nature along with the people I surround myself with and my art tends to meet somewhere in the middle. After connecting with a person I usually begin to envision them in an environment with a certain mood; a scene is created in my mind. In this instance I took these photos of my dear friend soon after she moved into a new place in a new town. She had just finished university and was settling in to her new skin and letting her creativity over flow all aspects of her life. She was beginning to open up, to bloom.”

Adorning an exposed body with blossoming buds of flowers invokes a sense of maturity, purity, a festive celebration of open-hearted exposure. Hanna Tannenbaum’s photos capture light and shadow, a body below the surface and simultaneously rising above water.

The body is not solely for sexual consumption, for erotic impulses, for the approving or judging eye of others. These photos imply the idea that nudity can be embraced and practiced in the solitude of the self submerged. Nakedness as a sense of closeness to oneself, as a sense of exploring the body’s form, the human vessel.