by Vivian Morellon

Somewhere between science and fiction lies the realm of essential oils, sound baths, aromatherapy, chakra alignment and crystal healing! Fact or fiction, these alternative health methods have gained momentum and can be found in trendy shops and health stores all around.

Quartz earrings, crystal infused water bottles and jade face rollers are readily bought due to their mystical notion of therapeutic and grounding energy. Energy that is said to promote both physical and emotional healing.

Before any of my fellow skeptics throw this theory out the door, need I remind that things such as organized religion, societal norms and even nutritional fads exist due to personal beliefs and unbacked theories… so let’s approach crystals with an open mind.


There’s a few theories as to the why people use crystals. For some, crystals simply increase vibrations by surrounding oneself with high energies. Because crystals come from the Earth, they contain Nature’s properties so by keeping these rocks near you, you yourself are exposed to Earth’s grounding energy. 

For others, it’s a placebo effect, simply a tool that aids mindfulness, assists with meditation and helps you align your intentions. In a way, honing in your thoughts and calming the mind – with crystals being the tangible tool.

Let’s also remember, crystals are piezoelectric meaning they conduct electricity (energy). As we know, we ourselves are energy so a populate belief is that crystals work by interacting with out own energy fields… a.k.a chakras. The relationship between the two is the healing part.

Because there is little scientific evidence to back up if crystals work, there is much skepticism behind it; however even the skeptic can agree that at least there is power in the placebo effect… so who is to say it doesn’t (in some way) work?

Subtle energy, metaphysical properties, tools for increased mindfulness? Whether it’s a tool, a metaphysical healer or purely decorative… crystals’ main objective is to initiate self-awareness and work inward so the bulk of the healing comes from within.

NTCH Favorites

Smokey quartz – Grounding

Associated with the Root Chakra, this quartz is a master healer and one of the strongest of the quartz family. Smoky quartz clear negative energy and electromagnetic stress. It also anchors us to Earth but clears the mind and heart and opens them to higher celestial vibrations.

Amethyst – Connecting to Spirituality

Amethyst carries fire energy and passion, allows you to expand the higher mind and tap into your creative side as well as hone in your passion and flow thought on goals and projects.

Amethyst is also believed to strengthen the immune system, stimulate hormone production and relieve emotional stress – helping us to better understand our desires, emotions, and dreams.

Citrine – Will Power & Motivation

Citrine is also known as the professional’s stone since it attracts wealth and helps you maintain it. The yellow colors activate the Navel Chakra –  manifesting personal power, intellectual decisiveness and stimulating productivity and will-power.

Labradorite – Seeing Secret Magic

Stimulates the Throat Chakra (also known as the voice of the body) allowing energy to be expressed by other chakras as well. Labradorite also enhances intuition and self-analysis, therefore is the stone of discovery – discovery of realms, emotions, knowledge and oneself.

Selenite – Cleansing of Spaces

Associated with the Crown Chakra, this murky white stone expands our perspective, our way of thinking and how we respond to the world.

Selenite encourages us to asses and strengthen our spiritual beliefs. Usually found in wand or tower shapes, these crystals elevate vibrations within a space, cleansing from negativity and aiding in a calm state of mind.

Moonstone – Intuition & Inner Guidance 

Also associated with the Crown Chakra, this stone is our door to heavenly bodies. It helps in recognizing behavioral patterns, attuning us to our emotions and facilitating control of them. Moonstone is also the stone of love, femininity, support and harmony – it also stimulates Kundalini energy, a primal energy that sits at the bottom of the spine.

Amber – Positive Outlook

Stimulating both the Navel and Solar Plexus – this stone controls the flow of energy and promotes a balanced relationship with the rest of the chakras. This stone is perfect if you’re suffering from anxiety, feeling low energy or experiencing negative moods. Carry it in your pocket to clear from any energy blocks you face throughout the day.

How to Use Them

This is the easiest part because it truly has to speak to you, your meditation style, and your beliefs. For some, simply incorporating them in your home decor is enough; for others it serves to wear like a talisman. Personally I like to get all hippie-dippy about it and hold them in my hands as I meditate – I make sure that the stone I’m holding aligns with my intention and I sit on the emotions and analyze where I need help and where I excel, calling for the mystical powers’ guidance.

If you are still new to this belief, a good way to ease into crystals is by purchasing small tumble stones and fumbling with them – getting in tune with how they interact with your moods.

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