Jupiter in Sagittarius: Accelerated Expansion

Jupiter moves into it’s home sign of Sagittarius, making the next 13 months look lucky & growth-oriented.

by Victoria Derr Valencia

Jupiter, planet of expansion, luck, and growth, moves into its home sign of Sagittarius.

Key themes include: strengthening of personal truth, big picture mindset, higher education, personal philosophy, travel and openness.

Jupiter is the planet with the Midas Touch – everything it touches turns to gold. In the case of astrological symbolism, everything it touches expands. It becomes exaggerated, inflated with loaves of luck. Think Jesus feeding an entire crowd with just a simple loaf of bread and a few caught fish. Jupiter takes what you have, and makes it bigger – for better and for worse.

This past year, since November of 2017, Jupiter was transiting the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio rules taboos, sexuality, the occult, and all other things sheathed in emotional mystery. Since November of 2017, the #MeToo movement sprung to the surface and out flooded millions of womxn’s stories of sexual assault. These problems are more widespread than we’re able to comprehend, and the #MeToo movement gave womxn a platform to share their story. Jupiter’s first few weeks in Scorpio already shook secrets from their hidden places in very Scorpionic themes – sexual assault, what’s kept underneath the surface, and power dynamics. Jupiter, with the Midas Touch, mirrored the movements towards uncovering sexual assault that were happening in the US. For better or for worse, Jupiter expands on what it touches. For better, or for worse, but always moving towards collective healing.

On November 8th, 2018, Jupiter leaves it’s 13-month long transit in Scorpio and launches back into its cozy-home sign, Sagittarius for the first time in 12 years.

Jupiter is Sagittarius’ home sign – the two are already in good company with one another, amplifying the luck and largeness the both aspects ooze on their own. For the next thirteen months, expect expansion.

Jupiter asks us to expand; Sagittarius encourages us to think larger, more global minded, to philosophize and reach beyond the limits of ourselves. The two hold hands and run towards the horizon. For folks born with natal Jupiter in Sag, this is your Jupiter return! This happens every 12 years, when Jupiter rounds its way across the entire natal chart to return to its same placement as when you were born. The Jupiter Return is characterized by growth, breaking down of structures in order to create new pathways. A re-checking of your life’s balances, and how to move closer to personal truth. Although Jupiter is the planet of luck and growth, luck can be shrouded as a “blessing in disguise,” and for growth to occur, sometimes destruction is equally needed. Jupiter returns are usually a ground-breaking year of shifts and transitions. The first Jupiter return happens at age 11 to 12; the second happens around 23 to 24, and so on for every next 12 years.

Sagittarius is personified by the quest for meaning, the dedication to a grander purpose.

Jupiter’s year long transit through Sagittarius will bring growth. This could look like a return to education or scholarly studies. This could look like travel, or embracing a broader perspective on the world and humankind. This could look like voicing your personal truth more and more, in places where you usually would have kept quiet to keep safe. This could look like an openness to new information, and eagerness to experience life.

Life takes on a sense of adventure. Jupiter has been in the emotional, transformative waters of Scorpio; it’s time to re-emerge, transformed, and gallop towards the horizons to seek personal fulfillment in the broader tides of life.

 A real-life Sagittarius in their natural (awe-inducing) element.
A real-life Sagittarius in their natural (awe-inducing) element.