Imagine a world where going swimsuit shopping was a sensual, confidence-boosting, & ecological experience. LDLA provides that.

Imagine a world where going swimsuit shopping was a sensual, confidence boosting, ecological experience. A world where shopping doesn’t have to include numerics like 2, 8, and 12, and instead includes embodied goddesses like Venus and Athena. LDLA Swimwear represents the birth of the shift from the swimwear scene being a “realm of insecurity” into a “platform of confidence.”

An LA based brand, LDLA is a swimwear clothing company that allows women to embody and embrace their inner goddess while wearing their products. Their sizes stray from the long-used, anxiety-riddled numbers we’re all too familiar with; instead, Goddess names are used to represent the fit for each suit. All body types included. NTCH got the chance to interview the founder, Lexi Donato, to get the full scoop on LDLA’s mission. Goddess-approved.

 Nicole Balsamo.

Tell us more about your company’s mission to empower women through changing the sizing dynamics? What was your inspiration in using goddesses?

Size may be just a number, but it’s a number that has so much power over the emotions and self-perception of women. Women often become fixated on the number that is printed on their clothing, as if it is a defining element to who they are.

Disclaimer: it’s not.

It’s disheartening to consider how a number itself can hold so much power, and subsequently create so much insecurity. Our goal was to shake up the fashion world to look less on size and redirect  eyes and thoughts to a woman’s inherent beauty, a stance that which flows into our brand mission to change the swim space form a realm of insecurity to a platform of confidence. In Greek culture, goddesses are known for their undeniable beauty, so that felt like the perfect element of beauty to represent the size scale for LDLA. We believe that all women are beautiful and should embrace themselves, no matter their size.

How does empowering women empower the world?

We can create culture. Empowering women through our brand voice and platform is an essential component of LDLA and the culture we are creating. Daily, our message reaches girls and women from across the world, inspiring beauty, self-love and confidence. Even though our brand is 3 months old, we are witnessing a powerful domino effect, and couldn’t be more honored to be part of a message of empowerment. Everyday we receive messages from women who’ve been touched by LDLA’s mission to inspire, some sharing struggles of eating disorders and lack of self-love and others noting their support of our sustainability efforts.

Tell us more about how LDLA doesn’t use sweatshops in clothing production & protects rainforests in Indonesia. Why rainforests?

In the beginning, during our “manufacturer shopping” phase, we wanted to find a LA local manufacturer, but after touring several, we soon realized and were saddened by the fact that there are sweatshops operating in our own backyard. We soon made it our mission to research manufacturers that put their employees at the forefront. After a couple weeks of endless searching, we hand selected our manufacturer for their ethical practices relating to employee rights and giveback.


We’ve hand selected our manufacturer due to their employee rights values and ethical environment conservation efforts. Our manufacturer employs a trusted workforce, with employees paid, in most cases double the employment rate, all are entitled to a free medical insurance plan for themselves and their families.


Our partnership with our manufacturer allows you to join us in conserving one of the Earth’s most stunning ecosystems. In an effort to give back, our manufacturer protects 100 square meters of virgin rainforest in Kalimantan Indonesia for every 100 pieces of swimwear they provide to us.

How else do you practice sustainability within LDLA?

Sustainability doesn’t end with our ethical manufacturing or rainforest give-back, but it’s an essential element in the composition of our swimwear. We are contributing to safeguarding the environment, and as a part of our mission to make a difference, we are proud to bring you swimwear made with regenerated nylon. Our sustainable Italian techno-fiber fabric provides UV protection, muscle control, shape retention, and two way stretch. It is proved to be two times more resistant to chlorine than other swimwear fabrics. Now you can dive in without looking back.

As the founder, what have you personally learned about wellness and sustainability in the fashion world during LDLA’s journey?

To our core, we are eco-friendly, inclusive and body positive. Some brands incorporate elements of wellness or sustainability simple because they know it’s a good marketing angle, rather than living and breathing it through their daily life. LDLA is the brainchild of our founder’s personality, passion, inclusive nature and characteristic of encouragement. We are authentically LDLA, and authentically live out our mission.

To see more of LDLA’s swimsuits and mission, check out and @ldlosangeles.

 Nicole Balsamo.