Venus Retrograde in Scorpio

Our map of the stars and the takeaways in this retrograde.

by Victoria Derr Valencia

Venus is retrograde during October 5 – November 16, 2018 from 11º Scorpio to 25º Libra.

Venus in Scorpio leaves no rock unturned. No emotion unfelt. No passion unexplored. A desire to experiment sexually, a whirlwind romance, an unearthed past lover, a feeling like this is the one – Venus in Scorpio grabs your hand gently first, then whisks you away into the depths of passion. Be on the lookout for: old lovers sliding back into your DMs, and processing leftover trauma from intense soul mate happenings. Re-evaluate your intimate needs – how do you function in relationships and how can this change? What do you value in intimacy? How can you dive deeper into emotional vulnerability?

The depths of human desire.

Passion, lover’s lost, lover’s star-crossed. The boiling water’s of soul intimacy, of breaking past the seal of aesthetic love and romance for romance’s sake, and getting to the undercurrents of our true emotions. Venus stations retrograde in Scorpio. Be prepared to get past the cobwebs, to get to the underworld of intimacy. To touch the part of your heart that is secret, soft, spiky, and maybe sexual. Definitely sexual. Body and soul connections.

The logistics of a retrograde?

A retrograde is when a planet, from the perspective of Earth, seems to be moving backwards in the sky. A moonwalk of sorts. Recovering ground that’s already been traversed. In Venus in Scorpio’s case, this could be going back over the details of a failed star-crossed relationship to see where the fissure began, and where exactly was the feather that broke the camel’s back. Retrogrades push you to handle the things you’ve swept under the surface. Reflection, and then correction. Venus in Scorpio is not here to play. Venus in Scorpio is here to excavate, to pull the insides outwards. Venus is the planet of love, partnerships, of connectivity, of romance. Affection: I want, I desire, I desire to love. Of the aesthetic appeal of beauty, love, and romance. Scorpio is the sign of mystery, of deep intimacy, of expressing sexuality and repressing it all the same.

The energy of Venus moving retrograde through Scorpio can manifest itself in many ways, across the wide and varying experiences of all human life. As for the collective, the general themes prevail: moving backwards to re-analyze, re-asses, re-examine. And all with the sharp eye and boiling obsessive style of Scorpio. Evaluate what you love; evaluate what you are attracting. Keep a keen eye on shifts in depths of relationship. Be wary of breaking a relationship that isn’t quite hitting soul home; beware of falling in love on the first date. This transit can bring extreme highs and lows. Yet, indulge in the intense passion of Scorpio. Bring some new tricks into the bedroom. Emotionally open up in new ways: whether to an intimate confidant, or to your own self.